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No business exists in a vacuum. Every enterprise, no matter its size or sector, sits in the middle of a web of agreements and relationships. Successful corporate turnarounds and restructurings require the ability to balance the many forces and interests that converge on the company with the enterprise’s own vision in a way that is optimal for all involved.

The team at Walker Nell has extensive experience consulting to both debtors and lenders. This means that no matter what our client’s situation, we can see the big picture—a perspective that allows us to quickly come to solutions that work for all sides. The ability to “cut to the chase” while building for future opportunity is critical, given that, in turnaround situations, time is of the essence.  Our turnaround management and corporate restructuring services include:

  • Operational restructurings
  • Financial restructurings
  • Profit improvement
  • Debtor representation
  • Parties-of-interest representation